Element of poetry

Poetry depends mainly on language use of figurative expressions and imagery(poetic techniques) to convey it messages, and condensed language is a strongest weapon which a poet has in other to be able to distil his thoughts within the shortest possible time and space, words use must be evocative

It’s also compulsory for poet to always arrange their words in line and stanzas and rhymes, thou modern poetry no longer emphasises this but its compulsory

Poet can say one thing and means another by using figures of speech such as







Rhetorical questions


Euphemism etc

Consider the above poem written by Adeshinah Adewuyi ( Triple_T) as an example


Goodbye to trees

Goodbye to woods

Goodbye to everything

That breath and stood


Goodbye to cloth

Says the skin

Goodbye to bones

Says the flesh


Goodbye to sun

That set at noon

Goodbye to moon

That half and full


Goodbye to love

Without care and trust

Goodbye to lover

That understand not


Goodbye to me

Me and you

Goodbye to us

We are getting old soon


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