Understanding in Relationship

Understanding in Relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Understanding is one of the important things that we need in our society as well as in our relationships with others

  • Understanding can make two lovers to communicate without uttering a word
  • Understand the fact that she’s submissive doesn’t make her a fool
  • Misunderstanding is not domestic violence
  • He steal your food doesn’t make him a thief
  • He/she is annoyed doesn’t mean he/she hate you

Now, the problem with understanding in relationship or society is the

  • Strong belief of human about how things is expected to be done, how it’s been done, and how it should be done, so if your opinion is different from his/her belief he/she won’t understand
  • Many questions that you’ve impose on their mind about the situations, or events or your way of life etc won’t let them understand

For instance:

You said she is not your girlfriend and you buy her Valentine gifts, she doesn’t call you boss anymore she has change it to sweetheart, honey, Darling, and to crown it all you will ask her to spend the weekend with you whenever your wife traveled and you said she is not your girlfriend

At this juncture only trust can bail you so if your man or woman doesn’t trust you that means there is problem awaiting the relationship in future


Oh am sorry I haven’t define what understanding really means

What is Understanding

It’s an act of knowing the meaning of something, knowing the reason why something is done and comprehend a hiding story about an event or situations

So, we’ve different level of understanding some people are extraordinary gifted while some have low level of understanding


  • It assure continuity of relationship
  • Reduce domestic violence
  • Promote peaceful home
  • Increase opportunity to be free in relationship

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