Style Of Loving

‍Style Of Loving

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

If we are talking about style of loving, what we’re trying to talk about is the way people embrace love. Most importantly their own nature of loving.

So according to my research, I realise that their is three style of loving

  • Blindly in love: this style of loving include more trust and less love (like 80% trust and 20% love) which means that if you win their trust you’ve already win their love. What’s mostly important when dating or befriending this kind of people is that you must make sure that they trust you because once they can’t trust you no more, they won’t love you anymore
  • Deeply in love: this is the best of all because both love and trust are equilibrium, even if they don’t trust  they will still love and care, I can’t explain how beautiful it is but if you know about any love story that involve pain, distancing, illusion etc it’s because they’re deeply in love
  • Slightly in love: it include love without trust, they can do everything as a lover but they just can’t trust .‎ and loving this kind of people requires a lot of assurance.



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