Single Parents

Single parents

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

What’s Single Parent

It’s a term use to describe a person who lives with a child or children and who does not have a spouse or a partner

Causes for Being a Single Parent

  • Death of a spouse
  • Divorce
  • Breakup
  • Abandonment (abnormal)
  • Rape (abnormal)
  • Single person adoption
  • Choice

And single parent and whatever the causes may be, the reasons why a lot of people remain to be a single parent is that

  • The fear of starting afresh with a new man or woman
  • Fear of heartbroken
  • Some belief that marriage is stressful and waste of time and money since the achievement of marrying is to have children (and they already have one) and there is another way to satisfy their sexual urge ( masturbating, harlots, sugar mummies, sugar daddies) etc
  • While some lost their spouse in old age and decided to remain single forever
  • Irritation of given another man a chance to touch them is another reality of a single mom
  • Waiting for someone whom they love to comes back
  • Disagreement by most people to be a step mom or step dad


Impact on parent

  • Stress: of taking care of children alone as well as making decisions yourself about the children is an anatomy to explain the difficulties that every single parent faced in bringing up a healthy child
  • Depression: sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy and a mental disorder because of excess stress and thinking
  • Responsibility: a single parent carry both the responsibility of a father and mother on the children and taking care of his or her own career or job at the same time and having attention for the children might be somehow difficult


Impact of Single parenthood on Children

Can also be related to the differences between a child raised by both parents (man and woman, not necessary to be his biological parent) or single parent (man or woman) or no parental care (maybe orphanage home, or streets) etc

  • Raise by both parents (brought up with love, care, man and woman, fear and much attention for the child) will have High intelligence + High intellectual + brave
  • Raise by single parent: ( brought up with love, care, one gender, less fear and little time for the child) equals to low intelligence + low intellectual + more brave
  • no parental Care: ( brought up without love, facing the reality of life alone, learning from majority,) no intelligence + no intellectual + most brave the reason is that suffering is the only teacher that teaches bravery which means even if a child doesn’t have parental care and not in the cold hand of suffering that doesn’t make him a brave man

You can understand that I didn’t differentiate them with knowledge or how successful they will become in future or anything else. But lack of parent can also affect the upbringing of a children.

In conclusion, having parental care is the best way for the

upbringing of a child

To build a happy home

happy family


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