Science and Love

Science and Love

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

I learned that science intend to study the physical world and existence of phenomenon, scientist has the ability to tell us about what they can see and observe with the evidence of experiment carried out on the subject.

Modern science is divided into three major branches that consist of Natural Science such as biology, chemistry and physics which study nature and Social Sciences such as economics, psychology and sociology which study individuals and societies and formal science such as logic, mathematics and theoretical computer science which study abstract concepts.

Science argues that love is a chemical reaction such as Oxytocin ( biological bases for love, this hormone is released during cuddling and sex and it helps to give the feeling of attachment to someone else) Dopamine ( it’s responsible for desire and reward which means you feel an immense amount of pleasure when you’re rewarded with loving action such as kindness) Vesopressin ( expert believe that this hormone is responsible for feeling attached to someone) Norepinephrine ( this is released when you’re falling in love it give out physical sensation serotonin ( is the key hormone that stabilize our mood, feelings of well being, and happiness) andrenaline (is a love hormones that suppress some of our body function while heartening others) between two couples.

Limiting the power of love on romantic relationship alone is a total weakness to love itself and the Branches of Love that study feelings ( coinage by: Adeshinah Adewuyi ) explain that we feel intimately whenever we see someone we love and if the relationship is romantic relationship, the intimacy will be sexually.

The reason why Science cant give full account of love is that scientist limit the power of love to romantic relationship alone and science doesn’t belief in spirituality and that’s why they try to give account to every existence and whatever they can’t give account for his existence they belief that it doesn’t exist. e.g there is no angel



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