Lying, Deception And False Attraction

Lying, Deception And False Attraction

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Note that we are studying Love and under the study of love we’ve to study Relationships and under the study of relationships we want to talk about Romantic Relationship and we can’t talk about romantic relationship without talking about Human Being.

So, since human being were attributed to lying, deception and false attraction it means that our study doesn’t complete if we don’t talk about it (remember that I had once wrote an article about lying and deception) but before I proceed on this topic I will explain what I mean by False Attraction.

If you tell people that you’re rich but you’re not, it’s called LYING, if you look rich and you’re not it’s called an act of deceiving, if you now backup your lying and deception with evidence by showing people fake luxuries, rent cars, etc it’s called False Attraction

Now, let us relate it to our Behavior

If you look gentle and harmless but you’re not, it’s an act of deceiving, if you tell people that you’re gentle it’s a lie, if you back it up with evidence by calming and smiling in public its called false attraction

Let us Relate it to our Love life

If you say you love her and you don’t it’s a lie, if you show that you care but you have another plan for her it’s an act of deceiving, if you back it up with evidence by caring and doing all possible things to get her it’s called false attraction

The reasons why I call it False Attraction is that you are doing all this to be accepted in a society or to be love by someone that you know that he/she won’t love the real you.

False Attraction become the advance of lying and deception and it’s mostly common among the pessimist, covetous, greedy man and evil doers etc

How to detect false attraction

You might be wondering about how to know if someone is really using false attraction on you, remember that advance problem require advance solution so what I suggest that you can do is that

  • Conduct a research by any means with or without his/her knowledge from or let him/her prove his/herself but sometimes research fails if you’re dealing with brave man or woman because they won’t give you the traces of suspect so try the next ( but research is the best )
  • Let him/her swears if you’re not sure of his/her claims, but this can also fail too if you are dealing with people that have courage to swear on lying
  • Oath: a solemn affirmation or declaration made with a relevant appeal to God for the truth of what is affirmed
  • Always listen to his/her words and study his/her behavior every time to know his/her belief and perspective about something ( this is another best option )

Importance of this topic

  • To practice truthfulness
  • To discourage people from lying
  • To enlightened people about human and relationship
  • Auto detect fake Lovers from true lovers

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