Importance of Woman in Family

Importance Of Woman In Family

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

The appearance of your wife will let us know if you’re rich, wise, or fool, that’s exactly what I mean by importance of a woman ( bringing out the best in you ) and I haven’t make a mistake if I said woman is a family because without woman, family is 65% incomplete

You can ask me why

The reason is that it’s easy for a woman to act like dad and mum for a child especially if she is financially stable but its not that easy for a man to act like dad and also act like mum.

Woman are very important in the family than any one else and permit me to say that men are more important in the society than in family

The first responsibilities of a man is to make sure that his wife is always happy and the purpose of a man in the family is mainly to support the family with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and financially, protect the family and make sure that all members of the family are okay while the rest of the responsibilities were assigned to woman


If your children loves you as a father you’ve to respect your wife because indeed she has done a great work and if your children dislike and disrespect you its because you don’t treat their mum right

The irony part of it is that it is easy for individual to forgive our mother than our father

Apart from helping on children matters, the first thing that could bring peace and joy to the family is the happiness and understanding of your woman

Not all woman have a chance to support their husband in a big way that may be appreciative but all woman contribute to the better future and growth of the family (frivolous things count)

To be supportive is the first thing that woman crave for whenever they met a man which means that if you have a woman in your life, you’re one step closer to success



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