How To Care For Your Man

How To Care For Your Man

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

If I tell you that when you’re going home from work you should buy biscuits for your man as a way of caring for him means that I’m deceiving you.

Because Spending your cash on your man doesn’t create any emotion on him,and instead of him to feel Loved and wanted, spending on him will undervalue him as a man except on his birthday, once in a while,during circumstances or you happens to be his sister, or daughter or mom etc

Understand that spending your money on a woman ( Can ) not will make them feel loved and spending on your man doesn’t while bowing for your woman will make her think otherwise and bowing for your husband can make him feel loved.

The Reasons why some men want a money woman or working woman is that


  • So that she won’t depend on him for everything she needs or want while some men doesn’t care if she depends on them
  • Maybe you can help him to be a man of his dream
  • And you can help him during circumstances etc

If you now have a man that want you to always spend on him BEWARE!!! 

Best way to care for your man

  • Help/support:the best way to care for your man is to help and support the family and children financially and with all the knowledge and opportunities that you have as a woman, give him a chance to say “if not because of you” even if it’s just an advice that you can rendered. Because whatever a career that a man started, if his wife doesn’t support him it will be difficult for him to succeed, the understanding of his woman will bond the relationship and keep the man going.
  • Respect Him: this is one of the reasons why a woman must marry someone she love and adore so that she will forever respect and obey him as her husband because 99.9% of men need respect from their wife even if majority take them for granted. And that’s why most men marry someone younger than them. And a man must allow his wife to disrespect him because it’s their nature and talents so let them show it.
  • Romance/sex: if you’re not ready to do the above mentioned, I will advice you not to allow him to have sex with you so that you won’t say that he use you and dump you. If he love the way you show that you care, the way you show that you respect, the way you show that you’re supportive, the way you play or joke,the way you smile,your voice, your shape etc then, let him suck the nipples and let him put his dick inside your pussy (it’s a way of caring)

So don’t judge a man by the amount of money that he spend on you and don’t be too desperate.

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