Finding Twin Lover

Finding Twin Lover

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Twin lover is different from true love. In true love, husband can be a stubborn soul and wife would be so gentle and both of them will still indulge in true love but as twin lover is concern, its a different story

what do I mean by Twin Lover

Twin lover is the coming together of probably two people in relationship such as friendship, family relationship, romantic relationship etc with same compatibility, similarity, belief, Attitude, and almost same behavior

In short we can conclude that Twin lover is a duplicate copy of two people that become lovers in which the only differences between them might be

Gender, Age, physical appearance etc

for instance

If husband is fighting in the city his wife would be fighting in village

importance of finding Twin lover

  • No complain or correction everyday
  • No argument
  • There is equality between lovers
  • Successful marriage but if both lovers were stubborn it wouldn’t leads to peaceful marriage

Disadvantages of Twin Lover

The disadvantage depends on the kind of lover they are

  • No peaceful marriage if both lovers are stubborn
  • It might leads to downfall of the marriage
  • They might find it difficult to respect each other

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