Effect Of Conscience In Relationship

Effect Of Conscience In Relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Firstly, you have to understand that conscience is one of the attribute of human

Secondly, you must understand that we can’t talk about relationship without talking about human because human is the basis for relationship

You might be wondering about what conscience has to do with the teaching of love meanwhile, love intend to study every aspects of human life.

What is conscience?

I define conscience as exactly how we feel when our belief contradict with what we say or do especially realising that we have done something bad

For instance

If Mr A belief that lying is illegal in relationship and later end up in lying to his spouse he will have a feelings of conscience whenever he remember his action

It’s different from Mr B that belief that lying is appropriate. Which means if Mr B later realise that lying is inappropriate he will have conscience too whenever he lied.

another example is that

Some people will betray and regret that they betrayed ( their belief contradict their action ) while some will betray and still feels nothing ( they belief that betraying is right )

having assimilate what I’ve written above, you will understand that

  • It’s important to love and rely on someone that have negative feelings for bad omens
  • Is either you engage with people wisely or distance yourself away from them
  • You don’t need to be annoyed at every mistake that people made towards you
  • Try and study human behaviour before you love them

Merit Of Conscience In Relationship

Only those that has the feelings of conscience seek for forgiveness from their spouse whenever they do something wrong

They are those that will confess wholeheartedly their actions in your absence

They hate hurting others or become the reason why someone cries perhaps they have good heart etc

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