Building Strong Relationship

Building Strong Relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

I had read some Articles from different Authors about building a Strong relationship while almost all of them were written the same thing like:

  • Be a good listener
  • Control your emotions
  • Be confident, humble, honest
  • Be respectful
  • Be willing to learn from each other

Although I disagree because what they’ve tagged to be a way of building strong relationship is the good personal characteristics that individual must possess even without been in relationship.

I’m not trying to criticize anyone and I don’t want to argue with anyone either but I think they have their point of view from psychology studying perspective (if so, it means they are right) but there is always different between psychology perspective, Religious point of view such as

  • Fear God
  • Build a Godly home
  • Obey your husband
  • Teach your children how to trust God
  • Love others as you love yourself etc (they are also right)

And the general principles of love that comprises all which is the purpose of our study here

Primitive of Building Strong Relationship

Note that primitive of building strong relationship is a fundamental process and the primary pillars of building strong relationship

  1. Harmony: the starting point: is the Concord or agreement between two or more people to work as one, to be in love, peace and friendship etc harmony should be the first step taking in building strong relationship so that BSR won’t be limited to Romantic Relationship alone
  2. Understanding: make love sweet: it’s an act of knowing who is who and what is what about someone before you go in too deep in relationship and so that you will be able to know how to deal with them. The purpose of understanding in relationship is beyond what I can explain
  3. Faith: keep relationship going: it’s been truth and truthful, loyal honest or allegiance to a person, fidelity to one’s promises and trust them too. Having faith in the person that you’re in relationship with is a tool to keep relationship going and build strong relationship
  4. Empathy: make relationship stronger: it’s a way of feeling concern about well-being, safety, needs and wants, constant communicating, and submissive etc. caring for someone every time make relationship stronger
  5. Endurance: make love interesting: isn’t it interesting? For instance; you already know that she won’t comply easily during argument and you still went on and marry her,you must surrender during argument either you like it or not and also wish that she change one day. So trying to endure in a relationship and not see other peoples weakness as failure is a primitive way of building strong relationship

And All the above mentioned are only the primary ways of building strong relationship and it shouldn’t be mistaken for anything else.


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