Basic Relationship Principle

Basic Relationship Principle

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Acquire: it’s about acquiring the basic knowledge about principle of relationship or if possible acquire the general knowledge about relationship

Obtain the basic knowledge about human and how to relate with them

And also know who you are

Choose: it means defining the type of person that you want as friend, husband or wife. And the type of relationship that you want


Mr B want a gentle soul as lover

Note that you can’t CHOOSE rightly if you don’t have at least little knowledge about relationship, human and yourself.

Acquire: its refer to as obtaining knowledge about the person that you choose and try to know anything and everything about them such as his or her behavior, belief, likes etc

By asking or observing them so as to know how to relate with them.

Retain: its about keeping your existing lover

  • By making yourself important to them
  • By caring for them
  • By listening to them
  • By adding value to them etc

Basic Relationship principle

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