Act Of Forgiven In Relationship

Act Of Forgiven In Relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

If this is not your first time of visiting this site, you must by now understand that teaching of love is not limited to Romance alone

Let us assume that human being are different

  • Some people can’t forgive until they revenge so that the person that hurt them can also feel the pain e.g if you cheat on her, she will also cheat on you. If you slap her, she will slap you too
  • Some will forgive but won’t forget and keep on reminding you the more they remember the pain but they don’t mean to hurt e.g do you remember that you slapped me in public in 1954
  • Some people will forgive but won’t trust you again for instance if you told him to lend you money and you don’t return it he will forgive you but won’t lend you money again
  • While some people prefer to distance themselves from those that hurt them as a way of forgetting them
  • Some people will split their anger on you (at that moment he or she can call you names or even punish) and after that he/she will forgive and forget
  • Some will forgive wholeheartedly without doubt if you’ve realised your mistake

Now, if we all belief that nobody is perfect it means that there is no way that we won’t make a mistakes and there is no way that we would engage in relationship without misunderstanding in one way or another especially the woman (the spirit in them will turn off now and in the next ten minute it will turn ON and you won’t understand the moment again) 

And woman also also love to dare her husband just tell her that you don’t like it and that’s exactly what she will do

Let us see how we can avoid mistakes and misunderstanding or dispute

 Let all of us agree that we can’t live together without misunderstanding but if we have PATIENCE, ENDURANCE, WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING it will reduce frequent misunderstanding or dispute and increase the rate of instant forgiveness

Importance Of Forgiveness

  • It reduce high rate of enemy in society
  • It reduce hatred for others
  • Forgiveness decrease depression
  • Act of forgiven frees us to live happily with one another
  • Forgiven someone is the same thing as healing
  • It promote friendship




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