Who is a Woman

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Either a mother or wife, God fearing woman, a black woman or white woman all I know is that woman is woman with the same characteristics. And the only thing that differentiate a woman from another is

  • level of tolerance: what a woman can tolerate from her lover, another woman can’t tolerate it. Even if she want to, I know she can’t because that’s her own nature. for example; some woman can do anything and everything for you as mush as they know that you are not cheating on them but if they know that you are cheating on them ( love expire)
  • Belief: makes their way of life different and also their behavior, some woman belief in respecting husband while some woman see it as a bad habit

learning and experience: whatever individual learn or has experience changes our perspective, intelligent quotient, the way we think, the way we observe, and the way we respond to situations for example; what we learn in school, what we learn from our religious leaders, what we learn from family, environment or colleagues.

why is this topic so important?

The reasons why this topic is so important is that woman is the reason behind successful relationship.

When a woman is in love, that is; she’s not force to a man or be with a man because of circumstances, every thing would seems easy, no misunderstanding, no problems and everything will go smoothly, and she’s ready to do anything and everything for the growth and bond of the relationship.


they care too much about their feelings: in my own opinion, I can say that a girl or a lady or a woman must not be given chances to decide on their own especially when they’re in love with a man.

The reason is that woman care too much about their feelings without thinking of the repercussions, all what they know is to wake up and think of how to satisfy their feelings.

For example

She feels like to divorce, if a man feel like this, he have the chance to think twice and choose the best decision but whatever the feelings of a woman is what they will go for, and if her man is not intelligent enough to convince her, she will definitely do it even if she will regret later.

love: love have the power to control every gender but it has a lot of effect on woman than man, love affect them to an extent that they rely on love for the rest of their life.

woman have a forgiven heart: no matter how you hurt a woman that’s in love with you, if another man haven’t replace you in her heart she will surely forgive. This is one of the reasons why its easy to play prank on woman all in the name of love than man and it has become a disadvantage to the womanhood.

reliance/dependent: when a woman is in love they become automatically dependent on their lover

For protection, care, help, happiness, hope etc

and that’s why they can’t love someone that they can’t be proud of. Even if she love her child she will depend on her child too because that’s their nature.

Grumpy: its difficult to satisfy a woman and they always look for the best so  given them the chance to taste another man or have the opportunity to do and undo is just a problem to the relationship, And that’s why every man must be a jealous man over his wife.


  • woman are literary: they are literary to an extent that they can say one thing and mean another, they have the power of saying something different from what they feels .for example; a woman can say that she love you no more and still love you deep inside her.
  • Cunning: the power of cunning is to plant strong emotions on a person, they were also capable of using stratagem, small tricks or deceit to achieve what they want. This doesn’t mean that they are wise but it makes them special. For example; pretending to be sick so that her husband will give her more attention
  • Straight forward: to an extent that they belief in what you’ve been continuously doing without failure, or the tricks that weak you. They belief that that is you.
  • They’re pretenders: she is capable of keeping the real feelings to herself forever or for the mean time depending on the situation of the case or use a cunning way to achieve her objective
  • Understanding: the high level of understanding of a woman is far more than that of a man or let me say an 18 years girl and 28years old man has the same level of understanding and this make them a unique being.




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