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Types of love is different from type of relationship and types of relationship is also different from types of romantic relationship

Even definition of love is different from definition of relationship, but a lot of people were mistaken it to be the same thing(I will explain later)

The types of love are

1: motherly love: its the type of love that exist among the people that are related by blood (family) with the fact that it’s natural to love them

For example

Mother and son, Father and daughter etc

2: like/love: this type of love is a situation whereby you adore someone because of their uniqueness in character, intelligence,jovial, similarities etc


This type of love for someone always leads to RELATIONSHIP LIKE


and enable someone to become our favorite

Which means that whenever what makes them unique change, our likeness for them may change too

3: fake love: is an act of pretending to love someone or hide your real identity or charm someone to enable them to love you

Example: acting like rich man to attract a lady,

So the love between you and the lady is fake love

4: true love: its love that have the high rate of LOVE+TRUST+ENDURANCE+UNDERSTANDING

either in friendship

Romantic relationship or other types of relationship


1 thought on “TYPES OF LOVE

  1. Ebrima sanyang says:

    I need someone to love an be my wife cuz am single an am young .I need good fixture in my life and to price and family.
    Love for ever.


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