Romantic relationship stages stimulate the significance of how perfect romantic relationship grows, and lead to a everlasting family or marriage

1*** Predilection: this is the first stage in romantic relationship, it involve the strong liking that lovers have for each other at the first date,and they are willing to do anything and everything to keep the company of each other (they just met each other)

2*** Caring: the higher the rate of Predilection the higher the rate of caring, and the lower the rate of Predilection the lower the rate of caring.

Caring is the next stage between the lovers and the craving to be with him or her, or to hear from him or her

3*** Confusion: the higher the rate of caring, the lower the rate of confusion and the lower the rate of caring, the higher the rate of confusion

The causes of confusion is that

* There are some things that you’re going to find out about him or her that you wouldn’t like which you haven’t find out before

* maybe interference of third party in the relationship

* threat

* distance between both lovers

* lack of trust

* lack of understanding

At this stage, you might think of divorce but that is not the next step to take

4*** Patience: the rate of confusion will determine the rate of Patience.

That is; if the rate of confusion is high, the rate of confusion will also high and if the rate of confusion is low the rate of Patience will also low

Patience Is the stage whereby you have to dote, and ability to stay calm and accept a delay, or something annoying without complaining just to keep your relationship

5*** Obedience: every successful family or marriageĀ  embrace obedience between the lovers

It’s the stage at which you prove your loyalty to your spouse, and the stage that you have to endure so that you can know who is who about your spouse

6*** Similarity: this is the last stage in romantic relationship, whereby lovers shares common belief, think the same way, do the same thing, love each other, understand each other, respect each other, protect each other, do different things alike, etc because they have known each other and become one.



Adeshinah Adewuyi (Triple_T)


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