Quality of a true lover

Quality of a true lover

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

There are lot of things that we dont care and we don’t want to care about if we’re not in love.

what do I mean by Quality of a true lover? 

It’s the quality that individual will possess whenever we’re in love with someone or let me say that the only thing that could make a man or woman have this quality is love.

Quality of a true lover

  • Jealous: its not possible to be jealous over someone that you are not in love with, that is;  to be jealous over someone means that you love them. Its a quality that individual will possess when we’re  in love. If he/she is jealous it means that he/she loves you and if he/she doesn’t it means that he/she just pretend to love you. Note that too much jealousy kills relationship.
  • Obedience: to be obedience is to love and to prove love is to be obedience. Its not easy to obey someone that want to change our way of life but its easy for a lover that’s in love. and if it’s difficult for him/her to  change, he/she will still try to adjust whatever the complain might be so as not to hurt his/her lover.
  • Annoying: when someone is truly in love, he/she will be angry because of little things like; why don’t you be the first person to call me this morning? although there are many contact on his/her phone that doesn’t call him/her but because he/she truly loves you, he/she would be annoy at every single mistakes that’s why patience and I’m sorry is more important in relationship.
  • Protective: we only care too much about those that we love for protection against all evil, accident, disease etc although we can help those that we doesn’t love too. But if someone seems not to be protective, it means that he/she just pretend to love us.
  • Caring: everything in love is caring, there are lot of people that he/she know and doesn’t care for but because he/she love you thats why he is calling you every time and checking on you every time, only a true lover can do this.
  • Caution: true lover will caution his/herself from hurting his/her lover at all cost, no matter what he/she want to say or do, during his/her presence or absence. If he/she knows that it will hurt him/her when he/she knows about it, he/she won’t do it except by mistake.
  • Endurance: the truth is that there are some things that we can only endure from those that we love and we can only endure it when we truly love them.




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