Lying and Deception in Relationship

lying and deception in relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

the Truth is that if you belief in lying so as to win someone’s heart, it means that you’re not worthy to be love and you’re not worthy to be in love.


The truth is that you don’t need to lie if true love  is what you seek 

Some people belief that lying is the best weapon to make people love them but I disagree, the reason is that

  • Lying simply means that you’re not worthy to be love by the person you’re lying to ( it’s better you look for your mate or upgrade to his/her standard)
  • What if he/she later find out that you’re lying to him/her
  • What if he/she will still love you the way you are without lying
  • Deceiving simply means that you don’t love them and that’s why you’re using the opportunity that they love you to deceive then

But remember that there are Truth not worthy to be told if you want everlasting relationship

For instance

Telling your husband the truth that you’ve abort more than twenty times for your ex Boyfriend before you marry him

I will advice you not to talk about it at all because it’s heartbroken and past is now past.

And if by any means you’ve to talk about it, make sure that you structure your words in a brilliant way at the right time

what is lying

Lying is an act of hidden the truth about yourself, someone or something and give out false information

For instance

Telling someone that you’re a billionaire just to win her heart but you’re a thousandnaire

what is deception

Deception is an act of building strong emotion in someone’s heart by any means with the intention of gaining from it

For instance

Shooting oneself to dope someone that you’ve been robbed

Note that lying can work on it own without deception but deception can’t work without lying or pretending

effect of lying and deception in relationship

  • It hinder trust
  • It slander good name and reputation
  • It tarnish belief
  • It promote long term heartbroken
  • It support bad habit





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