This is one of the unasked questions that lovers never ask before they engage into marriage that always cause marital failure

It’s important to know if the person that you’re in love with today would be your choice forever by using the anticipating theory

1: Anticipate his/her belief : human being have different belief about love, life, opposite sex, so as a lover you’ve to consider if your belief and his/ her belief is not intertwine┬á so that you can cope with each other in future

For example if your belief is about having a children in future, and she doesn’t belief in raising a kid of her own than to adopts child, that means your belief doesn’t collate with each other and you might end up in divorce in future


Anticipate his/her behavior: he/she might have some bad character now that doesn’t mean anything to you now, but as time goes on you realize that such character is not what you expected from your own husband or wife,which might also cause a divorce.

Instead of realizing at the wrong time, you can anticipate now and do the corrections or control it before it’s too late

3: anticipate your wants: anytime your want change it’s possible that if the person that you’re loving cannot cope, you have a chance of looking for another man or woman, and it’s important to anticipate now if the person that you’re loving right now can cope with you.


Anticipate changes: the person that you’re loving right now, is he/she is willing to change from better to best? Or from worse to worst? Can you cope with any of the changes in his/her life? If yes, you can continue with the relationship but if no, the choice is yours

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