Definition of Romantic Relationship


Romantic Relationship is define as the coming together of male and female as boyfriend and girlfriend, fiance and fiancee, husband and wife or let me say they come together as lovers,Its the relationship that involve intimacy, lust, passion, seduction, cuddling etc

To ensure efficient growth of love in romantic relationship, this are the things to be done:

Love is the reasons to start a relationship





intimacy and


1: Respect: respect is one of the most important weapon to safe relationship such as respect of human right, respect of feelings, and even yielding to your lovers advice is also part of respecting them, so as to promote the efficient growth of love

2: caring: is a way of expressing how someone really mean to you, how you cherish them,and how you can’t afford to lose them. e.g buying gifts, checking on them,calling etc

3: understanding: knowing what he/she mean and what he/she want without saying a word is one of the best thing that can intoxicate a human, its good to understand your lover,what he/she want, how he/she want it, when he/she want it, by probably studying his/her mood

4: trust: when there is trust in relationship the relationship is 80% stronger, and also strengthen belief, even if you don’t see your spouse for years, you can still belief that he or she love’s you

4 intimacy: in romantic relationship, intimacy is much more compulsory as any other thing, it makes love stronger, it eradicate lack of trust, it brings lover together, and also promote peace

5: dote: let us assume that nobody is perfect, and its not a big deal to make mistakes, to be annoyed and also to be in a bad mood, so as a lover, you must be foolish enough to forgive and also accept his or her flaws.


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