Personal freedom in relationship

personal freedom in relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

whats personal freedom?

Its an act of given someone liberty or freedom to be free with you because of the way that you relate with them and the way you allow them to relate with you.

For instance

If a man have sex with a woman, he has give her the confidence, authority and personal freedom to ask for anything and everything without feeling guilty.

the freedom that you give them is not the problem but the problem is too much freedom without limitations

We’re all a human being we’ve

like and dislike

Do and don’t

What we can tolerate and what we can’t

Whatever you know that you can’t tolerate in future you’ve to reject it now don’t say that you don’t want to say anything because you love him or her

tell him or her your like and dislike and your do and don’t 

And whatever you claim to hate, let him or her knows that you hate it with reasons and passion so that you will always sound real and reasonable whenever you’re talking about your hates.

let him or her knows that you love him or her but you hate what you hate (don’t forget to endure and don’t turn yourself to complainant)

And whatever you like, always show the feelings of happiness and gratitude to make him or her feel great

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