Cheating is a term in romantic relationship to describe the act of been unfaithful to your lover and having a secret relationship affairs with somebody else



  1. COVETOUSNESS: SOME people were born to cheat because they are greedy and have envious eagerness to get something, they don’t usually satisfy with what they have whenever they see new thing which they can’t take off their eyes and mind from it until they have a taste, so this greediness always give them a reason to cheat.
  2. ATTRACTION: everyone of us have attraction in our mind that if we see it in opposite sex it will make us fall in love easily, which means that even if we have husband or wife and we still see this quality on another person we would still fall in love for them. For example if he like a beautiful girl it means whenever he saw a beautiful girl apart from his wife he will fall in love with her. and the people that can surpass this temptation were  DETERMINED SOUL AND WAIVER
  3. IMPERFECT: this is also one of the causes of cheating, since nobody is perfect and your imperfections which happens to be your weakness can be the reason why he or she cheat instead of finding a way to sort it out
  4. LACK OF ATTENTION: if you give your wife or husband less attention, it will make them feel lonely every time and think of doing another thing
  5. URGE FOR SEX: When spouse is not around or make his or herself unavailable every time or always busy with one thing or the other every time, can also cause one time cheating or even every time cheating in relationship
  6. BREACH OF TRUST: Some people find it easy to cheat when they don’t trust their partner anymore, or when they’re doubting that their boyfriend or girlfriend might betray them anytime that’s why assurance is compulsory in relationship


Adeshinah Adewuyi (Triple_T)

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