Category of people that you must not love or Rely on in a Relationship



  1. the covetous: this are the category of people that cannot be satisfied, they will always find good thing in opposite sex especially when their environment changes, they will find new people and their love changes too .

types of covetous

  • Slightly covetous: they are the people that have a main lover but can’t take off their eyes on other man or woman which always give them chance to cheat.
  • Avaricious: they usually don’t love at all maybe because of the fear of loving but their greediness make them engage in relationship.


2. The trust less: they are the people that can betray anytime because they don’t trust themselves and they can’t trust others, they only trust you when both of you were together and when you’re gone, their trust for you is gone too, this type of people will be willing to control every aspects of your life before they can trust you and always treat a lover as if you’re free to go.

3. The fools: this category of people are exempted from loving until they’re wise enough to deal with love

4. The complainants: there is no way that you can impress this kind of people because they will always find fault in whatever someone do, and always tamper with your emotions which will lead to depression

5. I know it all: they can’t be control and you can’t correct them, they can’t obey and they can’t change their way of life for any reason and if you try to correct them, they see it as a way of taking them for granted, and whatever they do is always right but note that Relationship is submission

6. Ambitious: they are the people that don’t have time to love and loving them is like wasting your time until they achieve their goal in life, in school or organization

Except if you are ready to support their career or be patience.

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