4Ps In Love

4Ps In Love

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

The 4Ps is defined as the set of relationship tools that lovers uses to ensure efficient growth of relationship

It can be use when lovers are willing to be together forever.





  1. Perpetual: all the caring, trust, respect, gifts, playing etc  that lovers use to begin the relationship must continue frequently forever, uninterrupted in time, everlasting and unfailing. Lovers must not give up in caring or anything that makes the relationship a sweet one. With this, the relationship is intend to last forever.
  2. Profess: nothing should be hide in a relationship,  tell each other anything and everything and openly declare love for each other and dislike for each other so that both of you can be a perfect lover for each other .
  3. Protect: is not necessarily means fighting for him or her, protect can also be in form of advising, defending, helping, guiding, caring, keeping away from violence to protect your love ones. Protecting yourself, your love ones and the relationship
  4. Promise: say what you are capable of doing for someone in which he or she bare in mind and you later fulfill it, the promise you fulfill always build trust and make him or her to be more proud of you, have faith in you as well as to be faithful to you.

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