My Girlfriend

My Girlfriend

Story By: Sam

Publish By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

I was dating a girl that doesn’t belief in dating one guy and she has not been faithful to me since the day I met her and whenever I tried to convince her she will say “MY MOM TOLD ME NOT TO TRUST ANY MAN and what if you don’t marry me and it’s too late for me to get married” but I still love this girl because she never lied to me

It’s almost two years now that we engage in relationship she was 16year old then and still a virgin and I was 19year old but I decided not to deflower her until she is 18year old

So, one day she came to visit me she was 17year and 6month old and from eating to eating it finally lead to sex without argument but lo! And behold she’s no more a virgin

I was annoyed that if she has Been faithful to me nobody would have deflower her and she said since all her friends are no more a virgin that’s why she went to one of her boyfriend house that’s more older, mature and okay than me”

I accept her complain as my fault and still decided to continue with the relationship with the belief that she must have learn a lesson on how to be faithful

Now the problem is that I told her to leave all her boyfriends including the guy that deflower her but she disagree and said she was confused since the guy that deflower her also promise to marry her and she said she love me

Sam said he want public advice and he will be viewing comments on this post every time .

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