Conversation Between My Client And I

conversation between my client and i

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

One of my clients from United States told me yesterday that despite all the money that she spent on her finance, he still cheat on him. She explain to an extent that I feel so embarrassed that “how could a man be so heartless to treat a woman like that” but I summon courage to ask her some few questions

Are you a caring woman? She said she love her job and she hardly have time for him, they talk mainly on phone and have a chance to see each other once in a while

I also ask her that are you a source of headache for him? she said he must understand that she is a classic woman and doesn’t have time for silly play and silly talks

Do you have a bad habit? She said she doesn’t want him to feel so special and that’s why she hide her real feelings for him and I was like why did you choose him when you don’t want him to feel great


I would have give her assumption if she passed my questions but I didn’t bother to ask her more questions since she already fail the previous questions

Romantic Relationship is working towards the happiness of each other and working towards the goal of the relationship

Although there is something called endurance between couple in a relationship but endurance can occur because of two reasons

  • If he or she doesn’t have another option or alternative than to endure
  • If he or she is still in love

Having no option or alternative can make a man or woman to endure some things in a relationship not worthy to be tolerated you will think that he/she love you but he doesn’t but he or she is with you because of a coincidence and some people see it as an opportunity to maltreat their spouse

So, its not good enough for husband to maltreat his wife or for a wife to maltreat her husband when he/she already know that he doesn’t have another wife or she doesn’t have another husband

But he/she must understand that nobody is perfect and human being are different

Although nobody is perfect and that doesn’t mean that you should use your imperfections to hurt others and that’s why you must admit to learning so as to adjust or conquer your bad habit if you want to be a good lover



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