How To Cope With In-laws

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

its important for someone that’s planning to marry and willing to remain married forever (not those kind of people that have decided to be single forever) to know that in-laws are important set of people to learn about as I’ve wrote in one of my articles In-Law

Now let us assume that you have a kindhearted in-law that love you dearly or wicked in-law. The first thing you’ve to know is that nothing concern your spouse whenever you’ve issues with his/her relatives

For Instance:

if there’s a misunderstanding between you and your mother in-law do you expect your husband to beat his mother for you or he should tell you to shut up and at the end you will say he love his mother more than you

What you need to considered when dealing with in-laws

  • Obedience to your spouse: this time no matter how wise you are, he/she is the one taking you to meet his/her relatives he/she knows the loco among them and he/she knows those that have I DON’T CARE ATTITUDE so whatever he/she told you to wear is what you must wear, if he/she instruct you not to talk just don’t say anything, if he/she not to call in the presence of his/her mum just don’t call
  • Obedience to in-laws: just know that no matter how right you’re in an argument you must always be the one to accept the blame or admit defeat not because you’re foolish but because theoretically you can’t blame them (or are you bold enough to say your father in-law is stupid)
  • Don’t tell your spouse to help you beg his/her parents on your behalf you must do that your yourself so that they can considered you a perfect husband or wife
  • Care for them too, help them in house chores or buy gift for them or anyhow you know how to care so that whenever your spouse is willing to divorce you, they won’t support him/her to go on because you’re good to them
  • Endurance: if you’re living in extended family or living in the same roof with your mother in-law you’ve to endure a lot of shit especially if your mother in-law is willing to know everything and your husband is foolish enough to always tell his mother whatever is going on between you too (especially the amount of things he’s buying for you)
  • Respect them just all of them

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