Act Of Forgiven In Relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

if this is not your first time of visiting our website you must by now understand that teaching of love is not limited to Romance alone

So, let us assume that human are different and we think differently

  • Some people cannot forgive until they revenge so that you can also feel the pain
  • Some will forgive but won’t forget and keep reminding you
  • Some will forgive wholeheartedly if you can realise your mistake and say am sorry
  • While some people prefer to distance themselves from those that hurt them as a way of forgetting them instead of forgive
  • Some will forgive but won’t trust you again
  • And others will split their anger on you call you names, abuse. Or even Punish and after that they will forgive and forget
  • While some won’t forgive until you tell them the reason why you hurt them

But whatever the case may be, what we’ve to remember is that we can’t be in any relationship with someone without argument which means we’ve to learn how to forgive and forget and make sure that forgiveness doesn’t make you a fool

meanwhile the Act of forgiven depends on the sins or mistakes that you made towards someone but before we talk about that

What is forgiveness

its the act of condoning someone’s mistake or sin or hurt or heartbroken for the healing of the forgiver, and free the forgiver to live happily with us

Importance of Forgiveness

  • It reduce the high rate of enemy in our society
  • It reduce hatred
  • Forgiveness is the same as healing
  • It promote friendship
  • Promote love and live happily together
  • Unity

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