Reasons Why Woman Must Be The One To Leave Her Father’s House To Another Family

Reasons Why Woman Must Be The One To Leave Her Father’s House To Another Family

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

So that we won’t waste much of our time on reading, I won’t write much about this topic

we’ve four determinants that determine the reasons why woman must be the one to leave her father’s house and philosophy reasons too, but let’s consider the determinants first

Determinants By Nature

under the determinant by nature let’s briefly take a look at Determinant By Nature Of Woman

  • Woman Are Humble: been love, cared for,nurturing, and pampered is part of caring to woman they are the only grown up gender that could accept such offer wholeheartedly without complain unlike men even collecting money from his mother will irritate a full grown man not to talk of been pampered by a wife
  • E.T.C

Determinants By Belief

  • It’s belief that having sex with a lady in her Fathers house and the same roof as her mother,and getting pregnant and taking care of the baby their too is embarrassing and disgusting so when your mother is shouting oush in another room you will be in the next room saying yooush that’s unfortunate
  • As believed, it’s polite by a father or mother to say my son is in his room with his wife than to say my daughter is in her room with her husband having sex
  • Woman are belief to be precious and more important in a family than to be expecting her to take the responsibility of a family and the family of the bride are precious too so no responsibility must be on them too except if they voluntarily render support
  • everyone belief that man are superior and they’re suppose to be the one taking the responsibility of marriage not woman so if a woman take the lead instead of supporting the family people belief that her husband is ………………

Remember that I said I don’t want to waste much of our time on reading so let’s write briefly

Philosophical Reasons

To be sincere joke apart let’s reason like a human being

  • Philosophically considering the law of nature You’re the one that see a beautiful lady, you want to taste what’s between her legs, you want her to be the mother of your children so you must be the one to take the responsibility and take her to where there’s comfort
  • e.t.c

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