Disadvantages And Advantage Of Sex Toys

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

What is sex toys

its an object or device used for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure

what is masturbating

its an act of stimulating one’s genital with hand or sex toys for sexual pleasure

Disadvantages Of Sex Toys

  • A country that’s willing to reduce the high rate of single parents, divorce and unmarried youths must banned the production or importation of sex toys in the country
  • Urge for sex is one of the things that bond relationship it can make husband beg his wife and make wife beg her husband and having an alternative Sex toys will restrict a lot of people from relationship
  • Some woman chose vibrators or dildos that are large and longer than normal penis which make their vagina more wide and submitting to normal penis for pleasure will be something difficult
  • It can be use at anytime anywhere which is wrong for a mature adult that have sense
  • The sex toys for male shaped like vagina is more tighter than normal vagina while some men use hand to ejaculate, and enjoying the pleasure of natural vagina is much more impossible if you haven’t quit masturbating
  • It can cause mechanical damage to the vagina
  • Some sex toys can get stuck inside the vagina
  • Once you’re addicted to masturbating and using sex toys there is no need to marry again because you can’t enjoy your sex life and you can’t appreciate your partner

Advantage Of Sex Toys And Masturbating

  • It reduce the high rate of Cheating especially when husband or wife travel for too long and there is urge for sex (this is the only advantage of masturbating and using sex toys)

Note: there is no other advantage of sex toys or masturbating that good sex can’t do more than that ( such as its good for health, sleep, reduce pain etc ) its just the act of promoting evil and neglecting love

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