By:Adeshinah Adewuyi

your in-law are those that brought up your husband or wife and make him/her perfect before you decided to marry him/her and suffering in silence without telling them because he/she got married to you is something that’s impossible, what do you mean by don’t tell your parent about what’s happening in your relationship if indeed you treat him/her right or trying your best to make your home a better place

who is an in-law

in-law is the relatives of a man or woman that you marry such as parents, brothers, sisters etc and it’s widely accepted that the relatives are called in-laws

So we’ve

  • Father in law
  • Mother in law
  • Sister in law
  • Brother in law etc

Effect of in law in marriage

Remember that in-law are those you pay bride price to or perhaps those that pay your bride price they’re the set of people that agreed to give you their daughter to marry or agreed to accept you to their home as wife and that’s why you’ve to respect your in-laws

so, it’s wrong to ask your wife that who does he love most between you and her father or ask your husband that who does he love most between you and her mom

In-laws are the closest interferer that knows much about your relationship at least if they don’t know everything they know about 98% especially the mother of your spouse

thats why it’s better to marry a bitch that have good parents than to marry a good wife that have nuisance as parent because the intelligence and understanding of your in-law will determine the peace of your marriage and the ignorance of your in law will bring problem home

there is nothing a Woman can do without telling her mother if not everything but 98% so the reflection of her mothers belief is in her(wisdom/ignorance) which means you’re also dating her mother partially

importance of in-law

  • They support the Relationship in any way either financially or else
  • They’ve more experience in relationship and have better advice
  • It bring opportunity to the couples
  • They’re the master planner of the foundation of the home etc

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