Mistakes and it Consequence in Relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

What Is Mistake

mistake is a situation whereby you find yourself guilty of an action you committed or words you’ve said,

e.g if Mr A kill someone and he doesn’t feel guilty that means he haven’t make a mistake

Types Of Mistake

there are many types of mistake as well as the three categories of mistake which include

  1. Common mistake
  2. Mutual mistake and
  3. Unilateral mistake

But I’m talking about the mainly two types of mistake now

  • unconscious mistake: this are the type of mistake that occur unknowingly or unexpectedly without the prior notice of the subject
  • Lack of Anticipation: it’s the type of mistake that’s done intentionally the intentionality is not a mistake but the repercussion of the action that makes the person regret is what make it a mistake

e.g marrying someone that you love and later regret of marrying him/her is a mistake

Consequence Of Mistakes

since everyone is entitled to mistake it’s important to learn the Relationship principle to control the rate at which people make mistakes and also to teach the consequence of mistake so that people will be more patience in making decisions about relationship

  • Mistake could lead to death
  • Ruin of life
  • Waste of time
  • Hurt or heartbreak
  • Unwillingness to love again
  • Hate

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