Cherish The Little Things

Cherish The Little Things

Cherish The Little Things

he yell and yawn

and chased her away

until he wake up early morning

by his erected manhood

he look up and down

no one to call

and the youngest of his son

is crying more and more

the room is untidy

he doesn’t wanna late to work

as he carry the baby on his lap

he urinate on his awesome cloth

now he call a Nanny

she billed him to the core

and the free breast he always see in the morning

is now worthy paying for

he come back from work

the dinning is empty

he have to search the Google

on how to prepare a meal

he quickly wake up from sleep

remember that all his cloth is dirty

his brain that’s active yesterday

is now given him headache

that was the day he remember that

Netflix also show romantic movies

Respect those that love you now

and Cherish the little things they’re doing for you

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