Rebuild Trust

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Betray of TRUST| Trust Once Again

what is Trust Rebuilt

it’s an act whereby the person who violated the trust is willing to demonstrate how they want to engage in the relationship to repair the brokenness

Factors to be considered when you want to rebuild trust

  • Are you ready to take the blame and admit change
  • Does the other party forgive and forget easily
  • Why did you betray his/her trust
  • How many times do you betray

Now let’s explain the above factors that need to be considered

  • Are you ready to take the blame and admit change: Betray of trust is always intentional and not mistake meanwhile mistake is the occurrence that happen unexpectedly without the knowledge of a person or unintentional error probably once
    • Or do you want to convince me that dating and having sex with more than a boyfriend or girlfriend is a mistake? I would have accept it if you call it ignorance and not mistake.
    • so if you are not ready to take the blame that indeed you’ve betray your partners trust there is no need to rebuild trust again because what you’ve done before, you still gonna do it again.
    • And whatever the reason could be to betray trust, why don’t you tell your partner first and sort things out and if it cant be solve you’ve the right to divorce instead of betraying his/her trust for you so you don’t have any genuine reason than to accept the blame and admit the change because if you don’t admit you won’t seek for forgiveness wholeheartedly

  • Does the other party forget and forgive easily: this is another problem on it own because some people will forgive and never forget, some will forgive and try to forget, some will forgive and forget but won’t trust you again, some will pretend to forgive and forget just to revenge some will revenge in anyway or the other before they forgive and forget etc but remember that we want to build trust again

So the first thing that you’ve to do is to know the kind of person that you’re dealing with so that you will know how to beg him/her or tell your family and friend to help you beg him/her and in the begging process you must try to make the situation less harmful

secondly what we hear about doesn’t hurt than what is physical seen and the begging process is different

try to prove yourself worthy in a thousands way to cover up your mistake

  • Why did you betray his/her trust: until we know the reason why you betray, the betray of trust will still have to repeat itself because knowing the reason why you betray will prevent the recurrence of the action and he/she must tell us the reason before the completion of the trust rebuilt process

for instance

if the reason is that you traveled for too long and that’s why she cheat on you then you don’t have to travel for too long again or you can take her along with you

  • How many times do you betray his/her trust: this factors must also be considered because if the betray of trust is more than once it means he/she doesn’t care about the feelings of his/her partner he/she only care about his/herself

How to Rebuild Trust

  • Take the blame
  • Seek for forgiveness
  • Admit change and vow not to do that again
  • be patience
  • prove yourself worthy to be trust again etc

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