Trust Once Again

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

firstly note that where there is no trust there is no true love

secondly know that trust is one of the pillars of love

A lot of people find it difficult to trust again, because of so many disappointment that they have go through in life and whatever the disappointment could be, we still have to trust once again because all men are not equal in fact all women are not the same and because someone had a car accident doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ride a car again even the person that had an accident will still ride a car but this time “more careful” so the same thing apply to trust but before you read more first read Betray of TRUST

  • If you really want people to tell you the truth, don’t be arrogant or too quick to blame or judge because if they know that you will blame them for been a nuisance they won’t tell you the truth
  • Tell them that you want the truth to be told and you hate lies, tell them that you can cope with whatever the truth would be because to be sincere with you truth is bitter so they’ve to say it in a way that will not hurt too much
  • always listen to what they mostly talk about because that’s how to know what they’re up to

for instance if she always talk about finding a rich man and always complain about your poor condition you must know that she may leave you anytime if you don’t have money or if he always excited when he met a woman with big breast you must know that he may leave you anytime if you don’t have one or cheat on you

  • Don’t rely on him/her at first always put your mind at two maybe they will betray your trust on them or they will prove their innocence which means you’ve put them on trial/text so that it won’t hurt you much if they later betray and make sure you don’t tell them so that they won’t pretend to be real (don’t rush)

for instance

if you tell him/her a secret about you and the secret leaked that doesn’t end your relationship but make sure that you don’t tell him or her a secret again

  • Now that you already know what you can trust them with and what you cannot trust them with the next thing is to trust them by percentage according to your evaluation about them because always remember that Nobody is perfect

for example

if it’s about keeping a secret I don’t trust her she might tell her friends but if it’s about cheating I’m 100% sure that she won’t cheat on me

  • Now that you’ve know who is who and what is what the next thing is to consider if you can cope with them or not, if you think that their weakness doesn’t have effect on you or you can cope with it or they can change because of you or you can eradicate it then you can stay but if it will affect you then you can find another partner

Trust Once Again

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