Definition of love in POETRY

Definition of love in POETRY

Love is trust

you only see love

when you close your eyes you see only love

you will be sick over true love

but without trust love is not complete

without trust love will hurt someone like you

Love is feelings

ever since the day you met him

you will know the reason why blood is thicker than water

a blowing wind of an emotion Feeling

enstrapped the love to you

it will bring a strong Feeling to your heart

Love is moment

the moment you hear or see someone you love

you won’t explain how it happen

you can’t explain how your heart beat

you can’t explain how you smile

you can’t explain how you feel

because it will be like a dream

but you can’t prove that you’re dreaming

for the love really slide your heart open

as from the moment you meet someone you love

Love is dream

you can’t narrate all the story

when your love fly like an eagle

you won’t think of leaving thy

you will wish for your dream to come true

Love is lust

when you see someone you love

you feel attached to them

intimacy indeed

you wish to sleep on his chest

and when they ask you about love

tell them

it is a beautiful thing

that need to be watered

with attention

with a little sacrifice

with some jealousy devoid from doubt

and a loyalty at all time

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