Woman That Cannot Cheat

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

  • Classic woman: this are the category of woman that find it irritating to shift their pant for another, they’re those that waited so long after breakup (maybe ex will come back) or death of their spouse before having another man (while some woman will decide not to marry again) it’s because she has self respect for herself and because of the love that she has for you

note: this type of woman are the most annoying

  • Contented woman: those are the type of woman that are satisfy with the little they’ve or with anything, they’re are not greedy for sex or material things and accept all challenges that come to them in relationship

note: they hate cheating on them

  • Wealthy woman: a wealthy woman will rather divorce instead of cheating and even if money is all that woman want from man it’s difficult to impress this category of woman with money and they are always faithful to their husband

Note: they are arrogant and disobedience

  • If you don’t give your woman the chance to let her think that she need another man with any reason that is; you’re always there for her even if it’s not 100% make it 70% so she won’t think of cheating on you

meanwhile dating a classic woman require patience and dating a contented woman require faithfulness while dating a wealthy woman require strategy

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