Love and Feeling

Love and Feeling

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

there are lot of myth that’s facing the study of love and some of them is looking at love from the perspective of Romantic Relationship alone and defining love as a feelings which is a total error.

you feel love and wanted doesn’t mean love is a feeling it’s you that you feel loved, it’s also like saying I feel the cool breeze meanwhile the breeze is a light wind and not a feeling

What is feeling

feeling can be define as the capacity of the soul to embodies the mental emotion

its also an emotion that’s develop from within because of external objects, certain States of the bodies, achievement, or because of someone etc

Types of feeling

there are different type of feeling but some of them include

  • Feeling of sadness: it’s one of the feeling that pop-up whenever someone is embarrassed, in pain, dejected or when he knows that there is something awful awaiting him or pity someone.
  • Feeling of confusion: this is a state at which you can’t decide on what next to do and expecting a Samaritan
  • Feeling of loneliness: it’s a feeling that develop whenever someone lack companion in anyway
  • feeling of hope: means you’re expecting the best for yourself or people around you but sometimes hope is not always for the best alone but for worst at times
  • Feeling of happiness: is an emotion that’s experience from good fortune or propitious happening in any kind

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