Betray of TRUST

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Betray of TRUST

what is trust

trust is an act of having confidence, belief, Faith and freedom from suspicion/doubt against someone

some people have agreed to stay single forever and they’re not ready to be in love or trust anyone again because they’ve been betrayed but the bitter-truth that I wanted to tell you is that it’s difficult to betray trust without a reason in Romantic Relationship just like other relationships because romantic relationship is like a covenant

and note that betray of trust is not common in marriage but among boyfriend and girlfriend that could find alternative easily and it’s slightly related to cheating

the reasons may include

  • There is something that he/she is complaining about you to you either directly or indirectly during a play or slightly argument, those complaint are always about shitty things that you don’t care about and no one will listen to him/her even if he/she tell a friend that he want to break up with you because of that.

For instance

he play too much with girls and I can’t cope anymore, you can see that if she tell you or a friend that she want to break up with you because you play too much with girls they might insult her and call her names but to be sincere she just can’t cope and the reasons why she betray the trust that you’ve for her by keeping another man

  • Do you know how many girls that has told you that she has a boyfriend and you still woo her with all the power that you have, or how many man that you’ve introduce to your boyfriend that they’re your brother but you’re having sex with them, now that you have a fiancĂ©/fiancĂ©e you’re now thinking that what you’ve done for others they gonna do the same thing for you too and you become a negative thinker even if he/she doesn’t cheat on you and you’ve become more dangerous to live with because you don’t trust yourself not to talk of others so this act promote betray of trust among youth in the society (change
  • interferer can also be the reason why he/she betray your trust because when his/her family and friends has against that he/she mustn’t have an affair with someone like you his/her mind may become sick and the relationship become weak

  • that you met an avaricious that break up with you because of a better man or woman doesn’t mean that your next boyfriend or girlfriend will be a covetous meanwhile covetousness has been one of the reasons why a lot of people betray all in the name of looking for where the grass is greener and that doesn’t make you a wicked soul unless you wish

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