What it means to be a wife

What it means to be a wife

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

Now that all of us have learn the Basic Relationship Principles before so I don’t expect anyone to end up with a wrong partner again and if you end up with a wrong partner it means you are a wrong person too and what might be the difference between both is that maybe he lack good manner and you lack home training or he’s a womanizer and you’re retired harlot because birds of the same feathers fly together.

anyway, this is not where we’re going but I just want you to understand where we’re coming from

What does it mean to be a wife

  • remember that you’re the one that chose him upon yourself and you’ve give him authority over you like a man that chose a god to worship, you are the one that said YES that you want to be under his umbrella, which means no matter how foolish he is or how young he is, you’ve to respect him perhaps obey him because you’re the one that chose him as your king
  • To be a wife also means that you’ve acquire high level of understanding to deal with husband and situations, you’ve understand that man and woman are not equal (man are more superior than woman) you’ve understand that the liberty that a man has is more than that of a woman etc because until you understand all this you won’t stay long in a relationship or become an headache to the husband
  • if you’ve agree that you can’t have it all then you’ve to be contented with what you have without comparing your relationship with your friends or those you see on social media
  • And to be a wife also means you’ve prepare to be mother

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