What it means to be a husband

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

note that what it means to be a husband is different from characteristics of a husband or responsibility of a father

  • There is a saying that says a person that cage a dog must be able to feed him if he doesn’t want the dog to die. The Same thing applies to a man that has a wife. You’re the one that ask her to marry you that you will take care of her and now that she agreed, you must take care of her in anyway by any means

i don’t know if you want to support her business/career or education or help her secure a job or make her a legal wife all I know is that you must take care of her

  • Do you remember that she has change her surname to yours? Which means you’re now responsible for the rest of things that’s suppose to be done by her father such as




empathy and your family is now her own family too that she could rely on whenever she need help without fear

  • And also remember that no matter your status in the society or how young she is to you don’t let it be that whenever you want sex is when you will make her happy and you should be able to play with each other like kids and don’t forget to be slightly loco because woman are disrespectful especially when you started begging them for one more round ( I don’t say you should beat her or divorce or cheat on her) because it makes love more interesting
  • To be a husband also means you must be able to satisfy your wife with whatever will make her happy even if it’s not 100% at least try your best and I will advice you not to marry if you can’t satisfy your wife
  • What do you mean by I’m not ready to be a father and you’re ready to be a husband that means you’re foolish, do you expect her to be doing abortions or you will be using condom or abortion pills every time? ( if she agreed with you that means she’s foolish too) because to be a husband means you’ve prepare to be a father soon

In Conclusion, to be a husband means

  • You are capable to take care of yourself and others
  • You’re reliable/responsible
  • You’re mature to live with
  • You’re a satisfier
  • And you’ve prepare to be a father

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