Basic Relationship Principles

Basic Relationship Principles

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

the basic relationship principle can be explain as the process that’s expected to be taking by someone that want a lifetime partner and its explain as follow

  • Acquire: it’s an act of learning about relationship principle and relationship management before engaging in relationship so as to know

What it means to be a lover

what it means to be a wife

what it means to be a husband

what it means to have a wife

And what it means to have a husband etc

because without the understanding of the above knowledge the relationship might end up to be a toxic

  • Chose:

This is chosen of someone’s daughter or someone’s son to be your partner as someone that’s best for you, someone you love and someone you chose as your soul mate

  • Acquire:

it is the gradual process of acquiring the knowledge about WHO IS WHO and WHAT IS WHAT on a particular person that you’re in love with, try to know his or her do and don’t and also like and dislike to make your relationship together a dispute free and everlasting.

  • Retain: this is an act of caring, supporting, understanding, enduring etc repeatedly to make your love ones to stay with you forever

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