What’s Romantic Relationship

What’s Romantic Relationship

By: Adeshinah Adewuyi

If you ask a lot of people about what love look like including scholars, Psychologist, Scientists and individual they will limit the Definition of Love on romantic relationship alone DO YOU KNOW WHY? the reason is that all of them belief that true love only exist between Couple alone and that’s when they will be talking about Intimacy meanwhile there is love existence between

  • Father and daughter
  • Mother and son
  • Brother and sister
  • And friends and family too

Although I would have agree with them if their perception about love generally is subjected to romantic relationship alone

It seems like you are wondering about what I mean by the term Romantic Relationship don’t worry I will explain

What is Romantic Relationship

romantic relationship is the coming together of two mature persons especially male and female to become a lover (which means if you’re not ready for the romance you shouldn’t engage in romantic relationship)

but nowadays we have types of Romantic Relationship which include

  • Gay (two males engaging in sexual affairs)
  • Lesbian ( two females engaging in sexual affairs)
  • Concubines etc

they are legalised in some countries and prohibited in another, it depends on government perspective but what I want us to learn is that romantic relationship involve having intimacy with another person

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